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Bianco Frizzante “Rutto Libero” Surlie ‘UveVettoretti’

Vino Bianco Frizzante “Rutto Libero” Sur Lie

Minimum order quantity 1 box (12 bottles)


Peso 1.226 kg
Dimensioni 28 × 14 × 30 cm
Bottle volume

Bottle 750 ml

Cap material


Cap type

Crown cap





SUR LIE, or COL FONDO prosecco, a wine that can be drunk as an aperitif or as a table wine. The best pairing is with salami, sopressa, aged cheeses, hams. And, last but not least, you may decide to drink it cloudy or crystalline. Trust me, the tasting experience will completely change. Generally, the nose is fresh, clean, green apple. In the mouth notes of yeast, once again dominated by fruit. Well balanced acidity.